Hey, there!

I'm Kristin.

My journey with nutrition has left no corner of my life untouched for the better and I would love the opportunity to guide you along your own journey to restoring balance and fertility in your body.

Let’s Get Started

Hey, there!

I'm Kristin.

My journey with nutrition has left no corner of my life untouched for the better and I would love the opportunity to guide you along your own journey to restoring your body’s own balance.

Let’s Get Started

Before going all in on improving my metabolic health and nutrition, my husband and I went through multiple heartbreaking miscarriages, failed fertility treatments, and many, many months of not conceiving. I was heartbroken, frustrated, and ultimately physically and emotionally exhausted.

Personally, I was sick and tired of my body fighting me at every turn (or so it felt) and despite my best efforts and multiple fertility medications, we continued to miscarry and my symptoms got worse with each passing month. 

If this story resonates with you, I'm here to tell you that you are not broken and your body's ability to heal is greater than anyone has allowed you to believe!

After an IUI that led to a tragic partial molar pregnancy, I decided to take a step back from fertility treatments and medications, as I knew my body was not in a place to carry a healthy pregnancy. Looking back, this baby was my greatest teacher, and it was after this loss that I had a revelation of sorts – no one knew my body better than I did and no matter how many practitioners told me that the symptoms I was experiencing were “normal” – they were not normal for me. 

I knew was going to have to become an active participant in finding the solution.


After working as a corporate attorney at a major international law firm for 8 years, I was no stranger to rolling up my sleeves, doing research, and thinking critically about solving a problem – but now the future of my family and my children’s lives depended on it (literally). Immediately I dove into countless books and research articles and began to make what I thought at the time were the best changes for improving fertility based on many conventional recommendations.  I eliminated gluten, dairy, and caffeine, went ultra low-carb, and ate mountains of vegetables, but something was missing. I saw some improvements yet was still freezing cold, experiencing short luteal phases, and symptoms of estrogen imbalance.

Intuitively I knew that something was still "off" even though I was doing all. the. things.


I’m here to tell you there is another way.

A way that stems from JOY in food, knowledge of female physiology, and cuts through all the noise in the health and wellness sphere. A way that gets to the root cause of your symptoms – metabolic dysfunction, energy deficits, nutrient deficiencies, and mineral imbalances.

The minute I started to take my health into my own hands and leaned into the journey of healing rather than the destination of healing or achieving a healthy pregnancy, everything changed and it spurred my passion for helping others restore faith in their bodies and find renewed energy for a healthy pregnancy and pursuing their own passions in life!

My husband and I were able to easily conceive naturally this past Spring! Our second baby girl is arriving end of January!

By providing the fuel, raw materials, and nutrients your body needs to thrive, we can restore metabolic function and thriving fertility.

Based on the work of many scientists, researchers, and doctors including Dr. Ray Peat, Dr. Broda Barnes, Hans Selye, Mildred Selig, Dr. Katharina Dalton, Weston A. Price, Morley Robbins, among many, many others, building health from a metabolic perspective just makes plain SENSE and serves as a gateway to restoring balance in the body in a holistic manner.

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